Second Grade

Second grade is an exciting year in elementary education! It is the year that students begin to master all of the skills they learned in previous grades.

English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are all a part of our daily schedule. In English Language Arts, second grade students are beginning to read more complicated texts, become fluent readers at their own levels and begin to write more complex sentences and paragraphs. In Math, second grade students are exploring numbers through place value, addition, and subtraction. By the end of the year, our students will be working on measurements, geometry, and fractions! Throughout the school year, second graders will learn about their communities, government and character traits in Social Studies, while studying the world around them in Science. A cross-curriculum approach is emphasized in an effort to support student learning as we move through each subject area.

In addition to our core curriculum, second graders have one or two special classes each day. These include Art, Music, Physical Education, and Computer. We also set aside time for recess each day so that our students may continue to build social relationships with their classmates, engage in new materials and simply let their bodies move!

Our school expectations are:

  • Follow directions the first time
  • Keeps hands, feet, and objects to yourself
  • Use positive language such as "please", "thank you", excuse me"
  • Walk in the class and school
  • Raise your hand to be called on.

Second grade students are held to a high standard but are also rewarded with various forms of positive reinforcement in each classroom. Students will be engaged in learning in a fun, safe and respectful environment!

We look forward to seeing our second graders learn and grow!


Physical Education: Physical education is an essential part of any K-4 curriculum. Our students are exposed to a wide variety of activities and games that will help promote lifelong physical activity. They are also taught how to display good sportsmanship. In our K-4 physical education program, there is an emphasis placed on effort and attitude rather than winning and losing. K-2 students are exposed to basic motor skills as well as the basic skills needed to play different activities. 3rd and 4th graders are taught more complex skills with an emphasis on teamwork, cooperation, and communication. 

Art: The Syracuse Academy of Science Elementary visual arts curriculum helps students understand how media, technique, and process are used to create works of art, and how artworks are structured. The goal of each project is to introduce students to the basic elements of art. Each project discovers: how to identify, analyze, and select subject matter, how symbols are used for personal and cultural expression, and how historical and cultural contexts provide meaning for works of art.

Support Services:

Special Education: Special Education is not a place, it is a service. The goal is to provide all students with a disability the services necessary for success in the least restrictive classroom environment. Special Education teachers provide accommodations and modifications to the grade level curriculum to help all students be successful. Special Education Teachers push-into classrooms to provide services. They also pull students out for resource groups that target specific skills and behaviors. 

ENL - English as a New Language Program: The goal of the English as a New Language Program is to ensure English Language Learners acquire and develop English proficiency through rigorous curriculum, research-based teaching strategies, and social/emotional support. Languages and cultures of ELLs are respected and valued while learning about and becoming part of American culture.

Title 1 Reading and Math Intervention: The reading and math intervention team consists of specialized teachers in literacy and mathematics. They provide academic support for all classrooms in the school. This may include both small group instruction and additional integrated instruction. Syracuse Academy of Science Elementary uses Accelerated Math, Leveled Literacy Intervention Program, and STAR assessments to help fill in any gaps students may have.  Our goal is to challenge students to overcome their learning obstacles and help each student feel empowered and capable in their education.

Second Grade Supply List

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