SASCS received its third full five year Renewal

Dear Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School Supportive Parents, Students, and Staff

With great enthusiasm, I wish to thank all of you who have been working and supporting tirelessly and continuously to make our mission of educating students in the City of Syracuse not only a reality, but also a model of success. As a result of SASCS's efforts and dedication, the state Board of Regents on Monday (this morning) approved our school for its third full five-year renewal. That is a tremendous vote of confidence and a tribute to SASCS's dedication, hard work and the invaluable contributions you make every day.  

New York has rigorous and strict regulations and holds charter schools accountable with high expectations. Charter schools in New York are required to get their charters renewed at least once every five years. The Regents can refuse to renew a charter -- effectively closing the school, or it can renew the charter for between one and five years. The New York State Education Department staff reviewed the fiscal and academic status of SASCS and made its recommendations to the Regents, who made the final decision on whether to renew the charter. For the third straight time, SASCS received a full, five-year renewal.

I am deeply humbled and feel privileged to work with such passionate and effective educators at SASCS and with your children. Our determination and innovative solutions are making the Syracuse Academy of Science a model for high quality charter schools – schools that embrace accountability and results.

Thank you again for supporting and advocating your children's school and believing in SASCS. 


Dr. Tolga Hayali, Ed.D.
Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School


2016-2017 Winter Concert & Art Show at the Middle School

On Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, the Middle School held its 2016-2017 Winter Convert & Art Show. Under the direction of Mrs. Christina Cleason, our students came together to put on an amazing musical performance! Our beginner band made their musical debut, sharing two short songs with our audience members, "A Mozart Melody" and "Aura Lee". Our advanced band shared one musical selection titled "More Cowbell". Our theme for this winter's chorus concert was focused on the idea of "Diversity and Acceptance". Our student body came together to celebrate the beauty in our differences and sings songs about overcoming the odds to fulfill your dreams. Our song selections included "Brave" by Sara Bareilles, "You'll Be Okay" by A Great Big World, "The Great Unknown" by Jukebox the Ghost, "Change Your Life" by Little Mix, and "Am I Wrong" by Nico & Vinz. This concert also featured a performance by two of our 6th grade classes, celebrating the culture, music, and customs from Spain. This performance was a part of our year long cultural project designed to help our classrooms become more culturally responsive, assist our students in becoming more accepting of others, and encourage parent and family presence in our school. Overall, our concert was a HUGE success! Our Art students displayed their prowess thanks to the great talents of our Art teacher, Ms. Brett. Students put on a wonderful art exhibition full of lively colors and artistic talent. The students showcased their knowledge of the 7 Elements of Art and the 7 Principles of Design using several techniques such as drawing, painting, print making, paper art, mixed media, and even raw nature. A school wide collaboration drawing that represents both diversity and unity was also on display.  We are extremely proud of our student's accomplishments in art and music that are led by these amazing educators! Keep shining bright Atoms!

Click here to see pictures of Winter Concert & Art Show

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First Acceptance Letter from IVY League School (Cornell University)

We would like to share this great news with everyone. Our Senior student, Amari Williams, received an acceptance letter from Cornell University! This is our first acceptance from an IVY League School. 

Congratulations Amari Williams. 


2017 Science Fair at the Middle School

On Friday, March 3rd, 2017, the SAS Middle School held its Annual Science Fair. This event included grades four through seven. Preparation for this event started in September with the choosing of their topics for their controlled experiment. This event included nearly 300 students across 4 grades with just about every topic imaginable. Special guest judges joined us from the Society of Physics Students at Syracuse University. Parents and families kicked off the event by sharing the fair with their scholar and heard some opening remarks from the event organizer, Mr. Carter. The Science Fair is a demonstration to the STEM education of our students. Many students will be going on from this event to the CNY Science & Engineering Fair on March 26th! Keep up the great work! Go ATOMS!

Click here to see pictures of 2017 MS Science Fair

#SASAtoms #SASCS #ScienceFair

March OLWEUS Meeting at the Middle School

On Wednesday, March 1st, 2017, Students of SAS Middle school participated in their monthly anti-bullying meeting. The topic of the day was "Cyber Bullying". Student talked about what cyber bullying is and ways that it is used. They discussed ways in which it can be helpful. They as a class came up with strategies to deal with cyber bullying by putting themselves in all of the roles that can be played such as the participant, recipient, and or the bystander. Last but not least they discussed the different practices that the school has in place in order to prevent cyber bullying. This is our attempt to take bullying out of the shadows to create a safe, secure environment for our students.

Click here to see pictures of MS March OLWEUS Meeting


2nd Graders Make Snow Angels for a Cause

On Friday, February 17th, 2017, the second graders at Syracuse Academy of Science spent the afternoon before February break playing outside for a good cause. Students went outside to play in the snow and took part in the Snow Angel Challenge to support the Salvation Army's mission of working to end poverty in the area. The second grade teachers pledged to donate to the cause for every student who participated in the challenge. Students held discussions earlier in the day about things they can do to help others and what poverty meant. Many walked away with a better understanding and a desire to work toward ending it. We are so proud of our second graders as they develop into strong citizens! 

#SASAtoms #SASCS #snowangelchallenge #salvationarmy

Click here to view the video from this event.

February Student of the Month Ceremony at Elementary School

On Thursday, February 16th, 2017, several students were recognized for the ambition that they show in school on a daily basis. The character trait for the month of February was Ambition. In addition, the classes with the most DOJOs were able to face off in a competition get all 10 mini marshmallows into a cut using only pencils! These classes received a sports dress down day for their hard work! Congratulations to all students who were recognized-keep up the great work!


Click here to see pictures from February's Student of the Month Ceremony

Time-Lapse Portrait Creation with Middle School Students

On Friday, February 17th, 2017, the SAS Middle School unveiled a special surprise courtesy of our amazing art teacher, Ms. Brett. Under her guidance, students utilized two-hundred and twenty four pieces of card stock to construct a portrait of the iconic civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This activity was to commemorate Black History Month in our school. During the construction of the portrait, Ms. Brett recorded a time-lapse video to detail the contributions of each of our students. This activity underscores that the true strength of our country comes from the contributions of many people with highly diverse backgrounds as is with the amazing students that we at SAS are lucky enough to teach. Thank you Ms. Brett and our wonderful students, you make us proud!

#SASAtoms #SASCS #BlackHistoryMonth #BHM #MLK

Click here to see pictures of unveiling the time-lapse portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.

Black History and January Student of the Month Assembly at the Middle School

On Friday, February 17th, 2017 the SAS Middle School held its Black History Month and January Student of the Month Assembly. The event was kicked off by the wonderful projects of our students. Volunteer presenters included 7th graders who dressed up as many of the iconic individuals who have furthered the cause of African Americans in this country. Students represented and presented on Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Jackie Robinson, and more! Our wonderful 5th graders also presented their research. Amazing individuals such as Former President Barack Obama, Syracuse Chief of Police Frank Fowler, Pele, Maya Angelou, and others were highlighted in the 5th grade. Following these students, the various Student of the Month awards were presented. These awards are given to students for their all-around excellence in academics and/or citizenship. We are proud of the work that our ATOMS are accomplishing in the second half of the school year. Keep up the great work!

#SASAtoms #SASCS #BlackHistoryMonth #BHM

Click here to see pictures of Student of the Month and Black History Month Assembly

5th Grade Merit Breakfast at the Middle School

On Thursday, February 16th, 2017, the Middle School held its 5th grade Merit Breakfast. Students who have exceeded positive 20 total score were invited to enjoy the meal as a thank you from administration and staff for their positive choices. Students enjoyed scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, hash browns, and bagels. Our goal at SAS is to help create wonderful, well-rounded young adults and events such as these are to celebrate the positive choices of the students who attended. Staff members were on hand to sit and enjoy the event with our students. Keep up the great work ATOMS!


Click here to see pictures of 5th grade merit breakfast

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