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8th annual LAT Fair

On Thursday April 13th, 2017 The Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School held the 8th annual Liberal Arts and Tunnel Fair. The students worked hard to create boards showing their knowledge on significant individuals in history. 

The LAT fair was started at Syracuse Academy of Science in December of 2009. The goal of the fair was have students in the liberal arts display and present projects associated with an annual theme. Since this is a liberal arts fair the teachers from the Social Studies, English, and Art and Music departments collaborate with each other and students to show off their many talents. Each fair has a theme and within that theme students work with their teachers to create projects of many different subjects within the theme to display and present. Themes from the past include turning points, the theme of the 2017 fair significant individual contributions in history.

Preparation for the fair is a multifaceted task that takes many months to prepare for. Once the theme for the fair is decided upon the student will work with teachers on researching their selected topic under the banner of the theme.  Teachers will then take a great deal of time and look through the student’s initial research and choose the very best ones to transfer their information to a display board. Once those students are chosen to present and display their projects teachers work one on one with each student helping them to gain a greater understanding of their project and the best way to present it.  After weeks of research, project board displays and practicing presenting, the students set their projects up in the Gym of the school and present to judges from the community.

Project categories included the following: Significant individuals in Global History, Significant individuals in U.S History, Turning points in Global History, Turning points in U.S. History, Exploration, Encounter and Exchange of the Global and new worlds. In addition students will also presented projects about concerns in the community and their solutions to solve them.


Click here to view photos from the event 

Staff vs. Students Volleyball Game at the Middle School

On Thursday, April 20th, 2017, the SAS Middle School held the 4th event in a series of Staff vs. Students competitions. Volleyball was the name of the game this time. The building staff pitted their skills against students from all three grades. Although the staff prevailed in this competition, fun was had for all participants and spectators. Look for the Staff vs. Students V in the near future! Dodgeball is coming! Go ATOMS!


SAS High School Girls attend Seminar

On Friday, March 24th, 2017, 27 young ladies from the High school in grades 9-12 attended The Sisters Empowering Sisters Conference in Syracuse, NY. This two day conference was full of information, empowerment and inspiration. Friday, the girls sat in workshops where the following topics dealt with women in politics, and women fighting for social justice. The highlights of this day were equally shared between the Keynote Speaker, Serena Dunn (Photo with girls) and the Sister Circle: two dynamic presentations full of powerful testimonies of strength and encouragement. On Saturday, the girls participated in workshops on depression,conflict and choices, and hair care. The highlight of this day was the Syracuse's Got Talent workshops where the girls were put into different groups and learned a variety of dance routines. This was SAS's first time attending the conference! 27 young ladies from the High School grades 9-12 were able to attend this conference! The reviews we received from the conference host on our students behaviors and contribution to the conference is simple amazing! We are proud of all of our conference attendees!


Click here to see pictures of the High School Girls Seminar

The NED Show visits the Middle School

On Wednesday, April 5th, 2017, The NED Show visited the Syracuse Academy of Science Middle School. This organization brings a positive message to all students through acrobatic yo-yo demonstrations. NED stands for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best! The NED Show brought us a world class performer who brought a fun, engaging, and entertaining show to our students and left them with a positive message that they will continue to remember for years to come! Our students highly enjoyed this event as it was a great way to start the last quarter of the school year!


Click here to see pictures of NED Show

Award Ceremony for 3rd Marking Period at the Middle School

On Friday, March 31st, 2017, the SAS Middle School held an award ceremony for the 3rd quarter marking period. This event recognizes the efforts of our amazing students over the last ten weeks. Students were recognized for awards that included Honor & High Honor Roll, Best Citizen, Best Academic, and Student of the Month. Attendees enjoyed a special performance from the Step Team led by Ms. Jones. The event concluded with the presentation of the awards for the Middle School Science Fair and special recognition of students who received awards at the CNY Science and Engineering Fair. We are very proud to recognize the amazing work of our young ATOMS!

#SASAtoms #SASCS #CNYScienceFair

Click here to see pictures of 3rd Marking Period Award Ceremony at Middle School

SAS Robotics team recognized

On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 the SAS ATOMS Robotics team received a $500 grant check from Business Machines & Equipment (BME) Company. Steve Mitchell visited SAS robotics team today after school.

Mr. Mitchell works at BME as a vice president of Sales Department. BME company is one of the companies that works with Xerox. 

Mr. Mitchell asked robotics team members questions to learn more about our team and competitions that we join. Team members answered all questions and made a small demonstration for BME. 

SAS Robotics team will use this grant money for robot equipment (extra motors, sensors, etc.) Please Congratulate SAS ATOMS Robotics Team Members.

#SASAtoms #SASCS #SASRobotics

Click here to see pictures of the Robotics team

SAS Central New York Science and Engineering Fair

On Sunday, March 26th, 2017 SASCS students participated in 38th Central New York Science and Engineering Fair (CNYSEF) today and competed against more than 40 schools and 200 projects. Students are judged by STEM professionals from local businesses and institutions such as Lockheed Martin and Syracuse University.

Our success in this science fair is unique among Syracuse schools as our school received 2 grand prize awards for the first time.  

SASCS students from grade 4-12, won 17 (seventeen) awards and scholarship. Based on their performance at CNYSEF, two students (Jamila Eatman  (11th grade) and Taha Hayali (6th grade)) won grand prize. 

We thank all our students, our teachers and our parents for this success, and we hope to increase our achievements next year. Please congratulate all these students. They had a very long Sunday and they all made us proud. 

Grade 5:
Morgan Purcell: High Honor CNYSEF Award Medallion

Grade 6:
Taha Hayali: Highest Honor CNYSEF Award Medallion
Adam Sheaffer: Honor CNYSEF Award Medallion

Grade 7:
Naomi Turner Honor CNYSEF Award Medallion

Grade 11:
Jamila Eatman: Highest Honor CNYSEF Award Medallion

SUNY Cortland Science Leadership Scholarship ($10,000): Amela Mujak
IEEE Awards in Electrical and Computer Engineering: Sofia Fanizzi
Suny Oswego Genius Olympiad Awards: Jamila Eatman
Terra Science and Education Award: Amela Mujak, Wah Hee Dar, Amina Andelija, Sophia Sheaffer, Sofia Fanizzi, Dionne Delafe, Morgan Purcell, Taha Hayali, Adam Sheaffer, Naomi Turner.
Association for Women geoscientists award: Jamila Eatman
ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives Award: Wah Hee Dar
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award. Sophia Sheaffer
Ricoh Sustainable Development Award Sofia Fanizzi
Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Amina Andelija -eligible to compete in state competition
US Air Force: Amela Mujak, Jamila Eatman

Broadcom MASTERS: Taha Hayali
New York State Science Congress: Jamila Eatman 

#SASAtoms #SASCS #STEM #CNYScienceFair

Click here to see pictures from the SAS Central New York Science and Engineering Fair

2nd Grade Visited by Forestry Program Specialist

On Tuesday March 21st, 2017, the second graders at SAS Elementary were treated to a read aloud done by Ms. Kristina Ferrare, a Forestry Program Specialist from the Cornell Cooperative Exchange. She read the story The Grapes Grow Sweet. The story depicted grapes growing in a vineyard and how the family made grape juice. After getting to ask questions, the students were able to sample grape juice and talk about the similarities and differences between Niagara white grape juice and Concord purple grape juice. Our students are so lucky to get these experiences!


Click here to view pictures from this event.

Awards and Dancing at the Middle School!

On Friday, March 17th, 2017 the Middle School held the February Student of the Month Ceremony. This was a special event in that staff were able to celebrate the efforts of our amazing students but also had the benefit of a special guest. Students of the Month were recognized from all grades as well as the specials classes (Art, Music, Spanish and PE). We are proud to recognize their amazing contributions.  In addition, the students were treated to a performance from the Rince Na Sonas School of Irish Dance. This is the second year that the school has visited us with their amazing dancers, many of which are headed to national and world competitions. Students and Staff were in awe of the talents demonstrated. Thank you Mrs. Hickey and Mrs. Greenwood and your team! This was a all-around amazing day of dance and student accomplishment!  

Click here to see pictures of Award Ceremony and Irish Dance Performances


SASCS received its third full five year Renewal

Dear Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School Supportive Parents, Students, and Staff

With great enthusiasm, I wish to thank all of you who have been working and supporting tirelessly and continuously to make our mission of educating students in the City of Syracuse not only a reality, but also a model of success. As a result of SASCS's efforts and dedication, the state Board of Regents on Monday (this morning) approved our school for its third full five-year renewal. That is a tremendous vote of confidence and a tribute to SASCS's dedication, hard work and the invaluable contributions you make every day.  

New York has rigorous and strict regulations and holds charter schools accountable with high expectations. Charter schools in New York are required to get their charters renewed at least once every five years. The Regents can refuse to renew a charter -- effectively closing the school, or it can renew the charter for between one and five years. The New York State Education Department staff reviewed the fiscal and academic status of SASCS and made its recommendations to the Regents, who made the final decision on whether to renew the charter. For the third straight time, SASCS received a full, five-year renewal.

I am deeply humbled and feel privileged to work with such passionate and effective educators at SASCS and with your children. Our determination and innovative solutions are making the Syracuse Academy of Science a model for high quality charter schools – schools that embrace accountability and results.

Thank you again for supporting and advocating your children's school and believing in SASCS. 


Dr. Tolga Hayali, Ed.D.
Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School


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