SAS Visit to STEM Companies

On Thursday, February 2, 2017 SAS students visited two STEM companies in CNY. The First group of students visited King + King Architects. The students were able to observe how architects work in the field and the technologies that they use and the masterpieces they have drawn. The building of King + King Architects is the only LEED-Platinum (NC) certified building in Central New York. 

Another group of students visited Anaren, Inc. to observe different engineering professions. Anaren works mainly on microwave products. They also work in telecommunication, space and defense fields. Our students had a chance to observe engineers, see the production lines and also interview the professionals on-site. 

Syracuse Academy students were delighted to meet the professionals that are working in the field and learn many things from them first hand.


Click her to see pictures of SAS Visit to STEM Companies

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